Yoga/Pilates Programs at Level Health & Fitness, Shelby Township


This fusion of Pilates Core Strength and Flow Yoga join together in a sensational hour of meditation in motion and balance, let by breath. Energizing inhale, exhale brings strength and release

YOGA FOR ATHLETES:This class is designed to increase strength, flexibility range of motion; improve focus and balance; develop a strong core for back health; prevent injury and enhance athletic performance, endurance and energy levels. Class is guided with clear verbal instruction with emphasis on safety and alignment. Pose modifications for ALL levels.


  • Increase strength, flexibility, range of motion
  • Develop core strength for stability and control
  • Improve mental focus via breath awareness
  • Enhance performance, endurance and energy levels
  • Improve back health, reduce risk of injury
  • Correct imbalances, re-align body, improve form
  • Reduce physical & mental stress and performance anxiety

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