Marlene Kelly


ACE Certified Trainer
WITS Certified Trainer
Wellness Coach (in training)
Notary Public

Individual training, small/large group training, diet assessments, and health and wellness coaching (coming soon)

Exercise Philosophy/Personal Motivations:
As a mother of three, I began like you, a client. I was so inspired by the results of my own body, when I began my own journey with a personal trainer. I was so motivated by the results that it became a new passion for me and I wanted to share the knowledge with others. I felt my education in fitness training gave form to my natural training skills and being proficient in a variety of effective exercises. My constant learning is the key to helping others stay motivated. My own piece of advice for any client would be “Invest in yourself!”

Exercising, trail running, biking, dancing, and reading

Personal Achievements:
50K Trail Run~ September 2008
26 Mile Marathon~ April 2008
10 mile Crim~ August 2009
50K Trail Run ~September 2010